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Sayerlack have developed the First fully functional Stain Match System, using X-Rite Spectrophometer technology to match stains onto any substrate, in both Water and Solvent based systems.

Sayerlack have a unique range of dye and pigmented stains, with excellence in clarity and lightfastness, onto all timber types.




AP1104: Water Based Patinas in 7 base colours

AC600:   Waterbased Dye Stains in 10 base colours and 5 wood colours

AC1810: Waterbased Pigmented stains in 5 base colours and 3 wood colours

AP1221: Waterbased Repro stains in 4 base colours, 4 wood colours  and clear 00

XM8000:  Universal solvent, water stains in 10 base colours and 9 wood colours as standard. any colour matched at our lab.

XM7100:  Solvent based pigmented stains (superior lightfast properties) in 7 base colours and 2 wood colours 

XC1900: Cellulose based dye stains in 7 base colours and 5 wood colours


Please contact Aragorn for further information on these products 



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