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Water Based Pigmented RangeA comprehensive product range exhibiting a quality of finish to match top grade solvent based systems.
Water Based Clear RangeThe finest range of basecoats, topcoats and coat on coat lacquers giving superior quality, and with the benefit of FIRA 6250 severe rating.
AU0255/00 is a two-pack waterborne basecoat suitable for interior application. With its excellent
transparency and capability of wetting the wood fibres, AU0255/00 enables to achieve wood colour
similar to that obtained with polyurethane basecoats.
AU0420/00 is a one-pack waterborne basecoat designed for interiors.
Its features are the following: high transparency, good wood reviving properties, high build and
vertical hold, and excellent sanding. Thanks to all the above, AU0420/00 is the ideal product for
all those woodwork with a complex geometry, implying an extensive manual work such as turned
parts, assembled furniture, etc.
AU0493/00 is a two-pack waterborne barrier basecoat designed for interiors woodworks. Its special
formulation prevents air bubbles from forming when coating laminated substrates. 
AT48**/00 is a 2-pack acrylic-polyurethane waterborne topcoat to be applied over waterborne
clear or pigmented basecoats in coating systems for interior furniture or furniture parts.
AF72**/00 is a clear self-sealer for interiors which ensures good chemical resistance, hardness,
transparency and resistance to thermoplasticity.
Thanks to the contents of acrylic/polyurethane resins and to its properties of excellent pore marking, it
is particularly suitable for two-coat systems for open pore.
AU 474/13 is a 2-pack basecoat applicable by spray directly on MDF or Masonite substrates. It
has a high pigment content and a high solids content, thus ensuring an excellent filling power and
an even color even at 150-200 g/m² application weights.
AU 474/13 has to be hardened with AF1550 at 4%: by doing so, the product acquires a high
elasticity and a higher build than 1-pack products. However, it can also be used without hardener.
AT99**/XX is a one-pack waterborne topcoat suitable for coating wooden products for indoor use
which ensures excellent hardness and good chemical resistance.
The good vertical hold and hardness, coupled with an exceptional even matting and smoothness,
make AT99**/XX a viable environmentally-friendly alternative to meet all requirements.
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