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AM546 is designed to be a basecoat within a coating system. Used alone it will
provide limited durability and must be overcoated with high build exterior quality
Joinery woodstains in order to achieve durability greater than 3 months.
AM 546 is a waterborne wood stain.  The colouring is obtained by using
transparent iron oxides (except for green), which not only exhibit good light
fastness, but also absorb UV radiation, thereby protecting the wood against lignin
degradation. Unpigmented systems are not recommended as they do not contain
iron oxides and, therefore, do not provide adequate protection for the wood. 
AM546 has good harmonising powers thereby reducing darkening of absorbent
end grain and over-absorbent areas that occur in timbers such as spruce and
AML7911/13 is a waterborne primer providing effective insulation against wood extractives such
as tannin and colouring matters contained in hardwood and softwood. 
In view of the wide variety of timbers used to manufacture wooden items, it is always
recommended to run some preventive tests, in order to check the actual insulation of the tannins
and of the pine resin. 
AZ8130/00 is a one-pack waterborne topcoat with excellent elasticity and durability that make it
ideal for protecting wooden items for outdoor exposure. AZ8130/00 is specially formulated to
provide characteristics required for industrial applications, such as flow, transparency and water
resistance without the need to add a cross-linker. 
AZ8130/00 also contain fungicides protecting the coating film from the attack of fungi and molds.
AZ76**/00 is a range of 1-pack waterborne topcoats with excellent elasticity and durability which
makes them ideal for protecting external wooden joinery. Additionally they exhibit excellent
wettability and ease of application. 
They can be pigmented with XA4034/XX pastes. 
AZ63**/13 are waterborne pigmented thixotropic topcoats, characterized by excellent hiding
power, elasticity, lifting resistance, good vertical hold, good flow, fast drying and good resistanceto sedimentation in their container.
Their high elasticity requires a particular care when stacking shortly after application (we
recommend vertical stacking of flat items and the use of polyethylene spacers). 
In order to provide a good durability we have selected the most suitable pigments for exterior
use with good hiding power, UV radiation filtering and free radical scavengers; the latter
significantly increases durability of the film by reducing chalking and gloss reduction
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