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Cellulose and Pre-cat paints and lacquers.

Clear and pigmented products, for traditional finishing methods.
Emphasis on quality puts Sayerlack Pre-Cat finishes at the top for ease of use, coverage with colours and gives manufacturing to a very high standard.
SU 700 is nitrocellulose basecoat characterised by a high surface hardness and high solids
It ensures good sandability and, thanks to its thixotropy, it is suitable also for vertical 
SZ30**/00 is a clear Pre-Cat Lacquer which main characteristics are a feeble smell of formic aldehyde, excellent wettability and
surface hardness.
SU0340/13 is a precatalyzed primer/basecoat exhibiting high drying speed, excellent wettability and
SZ99**/XX is the nitrocellulose converter for preparing pigmented matt topcoats with the addition
of TP4199/XX concentrated pastes, which shall be added from 5% to 15% according to the
desired color shade and intensity.
The addition of pigmented pastes may cause minor gloss level variations depending on quantity
and quality of pastes added.
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