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Aragorn Specialist Coatings are the sole UK distributors for the Tikkurila Professional range of products, specifically put together for the UK market, primarily focusing on professional use.

Tikkurila are Finland’s largest manufacturer of Decorative Paints with over 140 years experience of manufacturing products for the protection of all surfaces, capable of resisting the effects of one of the harshest climates in the world. This experience, together with Tikkurila’s flair for producing the colours and finishes to meet the needs of the most demanding specifiers and decorators, has resulted in the Tikkurila Professional Range of Paint finishes being widely regarded as a World leader in quality and is widely used across the globe.

Our aim is to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of high performance coatings designed to suit the most challenging substrates and differing environments that are apparent both inside and outside of buildings. Particular attention is paid to quality, innovation and specifications, which result in longer-term durability hence substantial cost savings in the maintenance of buildings.

Over the past twenty years we have built up an unrivalled reputation as the market leaders in maximising maintenance schedules, proposing systems to overcome the most difficult of scenarios, and ensuring that the paint specifications are followed correctly by closely monitoring all our large contracts.

Below are some example specifications you may find useful, please contact Martin Good directly  if you require further information.

Sample Specification for Ceilings and Walls

Sample Specification for Steelwork 

Sample Specification for Concrete Floors 

Sample Specification for Cladding using Waterbased Paints 

Sample Specification for Cladding PVF2 2pack system and lap joint

Sample Specification for Cladding Plastisol HP200 

Sample Specification for Wooden outbuildings and Fences 

Sample Specification for Swimming Pool interior walls and ceilings

Sample Specification for facades, render, brick and blockwork

Sample Specification for soffits, doors, windows and frames 

Sample Specification for metal railings, gutters and lamp posts 

Sample Specification for Commercial garage doors, shutters 




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