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Sayerlack introduced these materials into the UK to bring higher standards of speed and quality with results better than anyone believed possible. We are still continuously improving our range, to keep us at the forefront of the Wood Finishing Industry.
Below are the most common products sold however please contact us if you would like more specific information.
Clear Basecoats
TU0001/00 is a general-purpose polyurethane basecoat. 
It is extremely versatile and suitable for most applications.
In particular it has good sandability, good build and excellent lifting resistance.
TU0001/00 can be applied using airmix or airless spray guns or curtain coater.
TU0002/00 is a general-purpose polyurethane basecoat. 
In particular it has good sandability, good build and excellent lifting resistance.
TU0002/00 can be applied using airmix or airless spray guns or curtain coater. 
TU0160/00 is a high build basecoat resistant to lifting. 
The high gloss topcoat applied on TU0160/00 retains its gloss level in time bettePU basecoats. 
Pigmented Primers
TU 148/13 is a premium white PU primer for flat parts and profiles which exhibits a good
hiding power also on sharp edges, a good vertical hold when applied with fixed guns and
excellent sanding.
Clear Topcoats
TU38**/00 is a self-sealer ensuring very good vertical hold and pore wetting as well as a high
build coupled with a smooth touch. It ensures also fast drying.
TU61**/00 has been specially formulated for coating oak and chestnut kitchen doors on
automated lines. Its main characteristics are: 
1) to give the same result with a single coat of product as normally obtained with two 
applications of conventional polyurethane coating, provided the stain is denibbed.
2) good resistance to domestic detergents and foodstuffs.
TZ86**/00/00 is a topcoat designed for vertical application on flat parts. Hardener TH0773/00
should be used with matt or semi-gloss versions of TZ86**/00/00 (from 10 to 70 gloss inclusive),
although alternative hardeners TH0711/00, TH0720/00, TH0755/00, TH0799/00 and TH0805/00
are also suitable.
TZ96**/XX topcoat is specially designed for electrostatic applications with manual spray guns,
robot and spinning disks.
It is highly thixotropic so as to ensure the maximum hiding power without dripping in vertical
Thinner DT0040/00 can be used to increase wettability even further, although this slows down
drying slightly.
Pigmented Topcoats
TZ99** is a white / coloured paint topcoat sprayed over TU148/13 PU primer. Excellent flow and
surface hardness which ensures excellent vertical hold and hiding power on edges. Moreover,
it exhibits excellent drying and hiding power.
High Gloss PU's
TLL3097/BB and /NN have been specifically formulated for tintomentric systems. 
Excellent flow and superb high gloss finish.
Apply over Poyester PU388/13 or PU TU148/13 primers.
Thin 30% with Retarder DT1146 for best results.
can be overcoated with TL345/00 clear high gloss PU for burnishing.
TL0345/00 is quicker drying and has a harder surface than other gloss topcoats.
TL0345/00 is therefore suitable for situations requiring good scratch resistance (e.g. tabletops)
or fast drying (picture frames, panels, etc.) along with the option of buffing and polishing. 
As shown in the characteristics above, TL0345/00 can be blended with TH0738/00 between
50% and 100%. 
It is advisable to add 50% hardener and 40-50% thinner in very hot weather when polishing is
not required. Add 100% hardener and 20-30% thinner in winter and when buffing and polishing
is required. Intermediate percentages can obviously be used.
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