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A comprehensive range of products, including traditional ‘wax’ polyesters, polyester basecoats and direct gloss topcoats, in both clear and pigmented systems. Typically used when a high gloss ‘piano’ finish is required. Widely used in the interior of boats and cars.

Below are the most commonly used Polyesters, please contact our Technical team for more information on Polyester and Polyester/PU Systems.

PU0317/00 is a polyester with high build and excellent transparency and elasticity, to be buffed after hardening. It is particularly suitable for vehicles’ wood trims and steering wheels and is specifically designed to successfully overcome the severe tests imposed by the automotive industry.
PU0317/00 can be fully cured with Redox or with UV lamps.
In case of UV curing, RX7106/00 photoinitiator shall be used.
In case of Redox curing, we recommend the use of a two components spray gun with an interval between coats of approx. 30 minutes up to a maximum of 4 coats with a total dry thickness of 600 μm.
Mixing ratio at 2% with PH0888/00 and PH0999/00 refers to winter. During summer, we recommend that ratio with PH0888/00 be reduced to 1% in order to avoid problems of stratification.
PU0388/13 is a polyester basecoat with excellent hiding power, and distinguishing peculiarities compared to standard polyurethane and polyester basecoats, such as long pot-life, elasticity, thixotropy, and excellent manual and mechanical sandability.
PU0388/13 has an extremely wide field of application, ranging from MDF to other extremely absorbent substrates, and from chairs to profiles of any kind. In particular it is the ideal basecoat on which to apply pigmented gloss topcoats since it does not exhibit lifting or absorption (we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before applying the pigmented topcoat). When sanding PU0388/13, use sandpaper and scotch-brite with a slightly coarser grain and specifically designed for polyester coatings. In order to avoid surface polishing problems, it is always advisable to use a coarse grain to break the surface layer and then a finer grain. If sanding is carried out appropriately, TZ88**/XX pigmented topcoats will show good adhesion even with an interval of a week between sanding and applying the topcoat. With gloss pigmented topcoat TL0335/XX it is possible to wait even longer.
PF6355:Wax polyester lacquer.
PL243:Clear Polyester topcoat (new product available 2009: PL386)
IS2583:Ultra clear polyester
PF6355:Polyester colours 
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