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Thermoguard Fire Varnish is a clear lacquer for the decorative Fire Protection of timber and timber derivative substrates.
The special formula provides a tough, durable finish to internal and external panelling, cladding and trim. The clear finish enhances the natural beauty of the substrate while fire protecting new and previously varnished surfaces.
The protective Fire Varnish Overcoat provides protection against UV and wear, while offering a choice of sheen levels.
 Intumescent paint for bare or previously painted timber and timber derivative surfaces where surface spread of flame or fire propogation need to be controlled.
A range of decorative flame retardant paint finishes for use over Thermoguard Wallcoat, Timbercoat and Thermocoat to protect, decorate and complete these fire protection systems.
Thermoguard Flame Retardant Paints assist in the control of fire hazards caused by combustible materials such as wood and paint in buildings by releasing a flame extinguishing gas upon contact with a fire.
Suitable for use direct to bare or sound previously painted non-combustible substrates.
The sealing of rigid asbestos within buildings which is sound, firmly adhering and not subject to mechanical damage, in particular rigid asbestos in locations which are concealed and difficult to access, such as service ducts, roof and ceiling voids.
Also used to seal in difficult-to-remove, firmly bonded asbestos and loose isolated fibres remaining after primary rigid asbestos removal has taken place.
Effectively prevents the release of asbestos and other fibres into the atmosphere by encapsulating them. Permanently bonds residual asbestos fibres, after primary removal, to the surface to which they are attached or upon which they lay.
Helps prevent surface spread of flame on non- combustible surfaces. 
Can be used in conjunction with Thermoguard Timbercoat or Wallcoat Intumescent Paints to upgrade combustible surfaces to Class 1 and Class 0.sulating "intumescent" barrier coating and Thermoguard flame retardant paint.
Inherently non-combustible surfaces such as plaster- board and brick can become a potential fire hazard due to repeated redecoration with conventional paints.
Different paint types from a variety of manufacturers have generally been used over many years with less than thorough preparation. In a fire thick layers of old paint tend to delaminate rapidly catching and spreading fire around a building. In extreme cases a lethal "flash- over" fireball effect is created. The resultant risk to life and property can be greatly reduced at minimum cost using a combination of Thermoguard Wallcoat, an insulating "intumescent" barrier coating and Thermoguard flame retardant paint.
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