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The HW System (Product 42) offers a range of clear, coloured or white coatings designed to upgrade new and existing timber substrates, offering up to 30 or 60 minutes fire protection meeting both UK National and European Fire Regulations.
The ES/VFR system is suitable for use over many wood and wood type substrates including, new and existing timber, bamboo, chipboard, hardboard, MDF, melamine—faced board, veneer faced board etc. It can also be applied over existing paints and varnishes.
Building regulations and legislation demand fire protection to upgrade the fire resistance of buildings and the Envirograf® range of intumescent coatings can certainly stand the heat. As modern design often involves steel being expressed as an architectural feature, intumescent coatings are frequently the protection of choice EP/FS/INT offers up to and including 90 minutes of fire protection and can be applied both on and off site. EP/FS/INT is a waterborne product with low odour, often chosen as the ideal solution for on-site application. A full range of top sealers, both waterborne and solvent based are also available to complement the intumescent coating.
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